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In ROAR, Chris LaVictoire Mahai explores what it takes to drive the best possible outcomes for an organization's customers and business. She introduces a new concept called the performance chain which is all the tangible and intangible elements that have to move from the moment you trigger demand until you have cash in the bank.  How can senior executives use the lenses of speed, predictability, flexibility, and leverage to control their performance chain, rather than the performance chain controlling them?
This quiz is designed to help you evaluate and understand your ROAR profile.  Where do you fall on the lenses of speed, predictability, flexibility and leverage?
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You will:
  • Answer 36 multiple choice questions.
  • Understand where you believe your organization stands through each lens.
  • Evaluate your alignment to what the customer values.
  • Be able to share your results with colleagues and compare to better align.

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